Location: Calgary Zoo
Venue: Calgary Zoo, Alberta
demigod (2009)

demigod is a real-time, tactical strategy game that includes extensive role-playing elements. Choose from several demigods, each poised for battle with their own unique capabilities and awe-inspiring powers. Vanquish other would-be gods as you gain levels, increase in power, unlock the power of mystic artifacts and slowly battle your way closer to joining the pantheon.

standing in your path are cunning and ferocious opponents that are controlled by either a sophisticated ai system, or by other players via the internet. Both single- and multiplayer offer a persistent universe where your demigod uses the spoils of victory to draw closer to ascension, thwart an enemy's attempt at ascension or even acquire powerful items that can be unleashed in the next battle.

the combination of awesome gameplay, incredible graphics and pulse-pounding action means that demigod is infinitely replayable. You'll keep coming back again and again as you valiantly try to reach the pantheon and bask in the glory of your final ascension.

developer........... : gas powered games
release date...... : apr 14, 2009
size.................... : 2. solidworks oem 72 gb
game type......... : real-time, tactical strategy, 3rd person action/adventure
image type........ Windows Vista Ultimate 64 Bit : game files (requires no installation)
file type............. : split rar 200mb with 10% recovery record
inclusions........... : radiance 7-zip archive containing game files

this is a full game with no story (the game is made for multiplayer, but you can play skirmish and tournement offline)

minimum system requirements:

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reed richards, a brilliant but timid and bankrupt scientist, is convinced that evolution can be triggered by clouds of cosmic energy, and has calculated that earth is going to pass one of these clouds soon. Together with his friend and partner, the gruff yet gentle astronaut muscle-man ben grimm, reed convinces his conceited mit classmate dr. Victor von doom, now ceo of his own enterprise, to allow him access to his privately-owned space station. Von doom agrees in exchange for control over the experiment and a majority of the profits from whatever benefits it brings. He thus brings aboard susan storm, his shy, though assertive chief genetics researcher and a former lover of reed s with whom she had an acrimonious break-up, and her diametrically opposed brother johnny, the maverick and hot-headed playboy pilot. The astronauts make it home intact; however, before long they begin to mutate... buy matlab

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Venue Link: www.calgaryzoo.org
Fee: General $21, Child $13, Senior $19
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Description: Original paintings & Prints available at the gift shop.
Date: Feb 28th, 2012
Lake District Lasses
King of the Cutties
$950.00 USD
Jon Howlett
Born In 1979, Jon Dean Howlett Spent His Formative Years In England's Picturesque Lake District. Inspired From An Early Age To Paint, He Had Already Won His First National Art Prize By The Age Of Eight And The Art Cup Followed In His Final Year Of School. He Went On To Study Graphic Design At Teesside University. After A Period Of Traveling And Intense Skiing And Snowboard Instruction In New Zealand, Jon Relocated To Invermere, British Columbia In 2004. He Immediately Fell In Love With The Mountains And The Wildlife. He Currently Resides In Panorama, British Columbia With His Wife And Two Young Children. Jon Instructs Skiing And Snowboarding When He Is Not Painting. Jon Expresses His Pas...

10% from T-Shirt Sales go to...

British Columbia Conservation Foundation
The Golden Boy Boo
$25.00 USD