Location: Calgary Zoo
Venue: Calgary Zoo, Alberta
Venue Link: www.calgaryzoo.org
Fee: General $21, Child $13, Senior $19
Time: 9:00am - 5:00pm
Description: Original paintings & Prints available at the gift shop.
Date: Feb 28th, 2012
Lake District Lasses
basic clinical massage therapy: integrating anatomy and treatment

basic clinical massage therapy: integrating anatomy and treatment
(video demonstrations)

english | mp4 | 640x480 | mpeg_4 ~1760 kbps | 29. 97 fps
acc 29. 7 kbps | 48. 0 khz | 2 channels | 5 hours | 1. 75 gb
genre: elearning / massage course

this superbly illustrated text familiarizes students with individual muscles and muscle systems and demonstrates basic clinical massage therapy techniques. More than 550 full_color illustrations of internal structures are embedded into photographs of live models to show each muscle or muscle group, surrounding structures, surface landmarks, and the therapists hands. Students see clearly which muscle is being worked, where it is, where it is attached, how it can be accessed manually, what problems it can cause, and how treatment techniques are performed. This edition features improved illustrations of draping and includes palpation for each muscle.
an accompanying real bodywork dvd includes video demonstrations of massage techniques from the book.

table of contents

expanded contents

part i: foundations of clinical massage therapy
chapter 1: approaching clinical massage therapy
chapter 2: approaching assessment

part ii: approaching treatment
chapter 3: the head, face, and neck
chapter 4: the shoulder, chest, and upper back
chapter 5: the arm and hand
chapter 6: the vertebral column
chapter 7: the low back and abdomen
chapter 8: the pelvis
chapter 9: the thigh
chapter 10: the leg, ankle, and foot

appendix a: anatomical prefixes and suffixes
appendix b: directional and kinetic terminology
appendix c: muscles by pain referral zone
appendix d: suggested readings

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King of the Cutties
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Jon Howlett
Born In 1979, Jon Dean Howlett Spent His Formative Years In England's Picturesque Lake District. Inspired From An Early Age To Paint, He Had Already Won His First National Art Prize By The Age Of Eight And The Art Cup Followed In His Final Year Of School. He Went On To Study Graphic Design At Teesside University. After A Period Of Traveling And Intense Skiing And Snowboard Instruction In New Zealand, Jon Relocated To Invermere, British Columbia In 2004. He Immediately Fell In Love With The Mountains And The Wildlife. He Currently Resides In Panorama, British Columbia With His Wife And Two Young Children. Jon Instructs Skiing And Snowboarding When He Is Not Painting. Jon Expresses His Pas...

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The Golden Boy Boo
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