a chinese fairy tale 2011 720p bdrip, [a release-lounge h264]

a chinese fairy tale 2011 720p bdrip, [a release-lounge h264]

imdb: http://www. Imdb. Com/title/tt1861421
genres: fantasy
subtitles: sien nui yau wan (2011)
size of mp4: 1. 50 gb (1,615,257,985 bytes)
source: bluray disc hdchina thanks smile. Gif
blu-ray release date: jul 22, 2011
certification: level two-a: not suitable for children
genre: fantasy
film length: 01:41:06
language: cantonese
storyine: this is a remake of the original tale, written
by 17-century chinese author pu song ling.
it is a love story between a hardworking young man
ning cai chen and a cat spirit nie xiaoqian.

louis koo... Yan chixia
yifei liu... Nie xiaoqian
shao-qun yu... Ning caichen
kar 2000 a hui... Tree demon
elvis tsui... Village chief
gong xinliang... Green snake
lin peng... White snake
li jing... Iron teeth

video specifications:
format: h. 264/mpeg-4 avc
bitrate: 1711 kbps
framerate: 23. 976 fps
encoder: x264
resolution: 1280x544
aspect ratio: 2. 35:1
advanced encoding: 2-pass encoding
quality factor (qf): 0. 102

audio specifications:
format: aac-lc
bitrate:aac-lc = 128 kbps / aac 5. 1 = three hundred kbps
bitrate mode: adaptive
channels: aac-lc= 2 (stereo) / aac 5. 1 = 6 channels (3/2. Free office xp pro 1)
sample rate: 48000hz [both]
subtitles: yes english hard coded.
sample: yes

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compatiblilty: ps3, popcorn hour, wd & xbox 360
the mp4 contains 2 audio channels, 6 channel and 2 channel. Propellerhead reason Please follow the enclosed demuxing guide to remove the 6 channel audio stream so that it works on the xbox 360

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